Kerry Parker Florals that we can’t get enough of!

Kerry Parker Florals that we can’t get enough of!

Are you game for some fashion upturn this summer? You could give a try to the latest flower obsession of the industry. Dresses with flowery patterns are nothing new but handmade florets embedded with stones and pearls adorned on shirts and fishnet stockings and heels and what not, now that is interesting. These embedded pearls and stones are used for making the pattern more realistic. They instill life into ordinary articles. With the exquisite choice of accessories and apparel, customized with these 3D flowers make heads turn. The best part about this trend is that unlike most others this trend isn’t going anywhere. It’s still in its initial phases and it isn’t going anywhere!

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The Alpha Power Flower shirt is my favourite rendition of the plain white shirt. Out of all the things that designers have done to white shirts over the years, this one is the most amazing. This shirt can be worn to work with a pair of well fitted pants or a pencil skirt, for a luncheon or dinner party with friends – pair it with a mini skirt or ripped shorts and you can even wear it to a wedding with a gorgeous embroidered or embellished skirt. To make your look a success, you should pay attention towards the color contrast of the pattern. Dark colors can look intimidating and bright. Whereas, light colors can seem boring and comfortable. Thus, a healthy contrast of both the dark and light colors is praise able.

Most floral patterns look good on the flowy, smooth fabrics. Other fabrics also give light on the pattern. But the flowy, silky touch of the fabric gives life to print. Embedded flowers, however, look good on every fabric. Pearls and other Stones also enhances the beauty of embedded flowers. Take a look at this Floral Fantasy padded bralette. This limited edition padded bralette exclusively available at Kerry Parker can be styled in endless ways.

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Flower dressing is not a limited trend. It has spread over all areas of fashion. Even heels are embellished with these hand crafted wonders. Haven’t you seen your favourite celebrities sporting gorgeous footwear with flowery patterns.

What’s a look without some jewelry? If your dress is inspired by flowers, why not the accessories? Flowery accessories can uplift your ensemble to a great degree. Just choose the right accessory to go with your dress. We aren’t just talking about boring hair accessories or hand bands, we are talking about the accessory of the season – fishnet stockings. These fishnet stockings come in various styles and colours, some light and some heavily embellished.

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Wholly printed flowery patterns are a bit confusing and shabby. They create a hazy appearance. But these pieces have a proper balance, you can be assured that you won’t end up looking like a garden.  Again, the importance to color contrast is a must here.

“Flower dressing” is a simple yet impactful. The power shirt, the padded bralette and the amazing collection of embellished fishnets are some of the trendy pieces that you can’t afford to miss. So, say bye-bye to old, boring, solid and stripes, and show your bold and joyful side with this trend this summer!