Karwa Chauth Gifts For Wife That Can Reignite Love All Over Again

Karwa Chauth Gifts For Wife That Can Reignite Love All Over Again

“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife” – Franz Schubert

She is a friend, a supporter, an adviser and a true soulmate. A wife is a worth a thousand roles where she scarifies much at the cost of her husband’s happiness and while she does that now and then, the festivity of Karwa Chauth is again an annual reminder of her pure soul where she fasts for a day for the well being and the longevity of her husband. She dolls herself for the love of her life and prays to save her husband from any evil that can befall him. And while she is herself is priceless, it is the duty of every husband to go an extra mile for her and give her the gift of love and care in this upcoming festivity of Karwa Chauth.

If you’re one of the husbands who willingly wants to make it special for your wife, following gifts that can do wonders and make it wonderful for both of you! 

  1. Karwa Chauth Thali

Scroll through websites, go on a search hunt in nearby street markets, find a perfect Karwa Chauth thali that leaves her awestruck at the same time stands out in the Sargi ceremony of the ladies. You can try a pearl embellished thali or even choose a Bandhani cloth thali that is beautifully embossed with glasses and handcrafted roses. 

2  A Gold Jewelry

Jewelry fine or fashion holds an eminent part in the heart of a woman. Adorn her neck with a necklace or gift her an anklet that is beautifully embellished with ghungaroos and colorful stones.

3  A Trip To The Loveland

Take her out to a romantic getaway and give a whole new turn to this Karwa Chauth. You can even plan to take her out to her favorite dream place and make a jaw-dropping statement, she wasn’t expecting off.

4  Surprising Dinner Date

Dinner is a crucial part of the Karwa Chauth ritual. It tends to be full of delicacies, sweet and sour and the fast is marked completed after the married women have nursed their bellies. How about you take her out to someplace nice and watch her gorge all the food on the table. She has already dressed herself up, it will be easy to plan this one.

5  Love Locked Lockets

Get a couple lockets which either has photos of you or a heart with two parts, from which one part will stay with her and one part with you. You can browse and find a perfect one and adorn the day and the moment in a beautiful manner.

Hope by now you must have made your choice as to which Karwa Chauth gift are you planning to get. Make sure to couple the gift with red roses, chocolates, or a cake to make her happier.