Tips to Reduce Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

Tips to Reduce Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

Separation anxiety in dogs is more common than what you might think. This isn’t just your dog that is getting frustrated and depressed when you are leaving for work in the morning. The good news is that some great tips will reduce the separation anxiety that your dog might feel when you go. These are some of these tips that will alleviate this problem in no time.

A tired dog won’t damage your home when you’re gone

This is the most important tip that you can know. A tired dog won’t damage your home when you’re gone. This is why it is recommended that you are taking your dog for a walk, or play with a ball outside before you are going out.

Even, if this means that you should wake up earlier to be on time for work. The moment that the dog is tired, he will go sleeping when you are going away. The moment that you are returning, he might have his energy back, and you can have fun again. Without shouting to him because he ruined the home.

His toy before you leave is important

His toy is just as important to him as what you are. This is why it is recommended that you are giving him his toy before you leave. Make sure that he is occupied with his toy and that he is happy and satisfied.

When you arrive home, you should take the toy away again. This way the dog will learn that even his toy will be back if you leave. That if something is going away, that it will return.

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Don’t make a fuss when you leave

This is one of the most common problems that people can make when they are leaving their homes when they have a dog with separation anxiety. They will make a fuss and make sure that the dog knows that you are going now, but that you will be back. This is where the dog realizes that you are going away. He might not understand that you will be back.

This is why you should not make a fuss when you leave, or when you returned. Give the dog about 5 minutes before you are petting him and saying hello. If you are making a fuss, he will never get over the separation anxiety, and he will not be able to feel normal when you leave home.

With these tips, you will know for sure that your dog is on the road to recovery. Separation anxiety can overcome if you just know what to do about it. If you realize that the dog has a problem and you are giving attention to the problem, the dog might feel more secure, and he will not struggle when you aren’t there. These tips will ensure that your dog stays calm when you are at work. This is because he will know that you are going to come back. And, in the meantime, he will play with his favorite toy that you have left for him.